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This website covers a campaign involving academics, service providers, campaigning organisations concerned with ageing and quality of life in various ways and a range of interested older people. We have come together to co-ordinate thinking and efforts around enabling those older people who would choose to be recognised as sexual/intimate beings.  We want to translate knowledge into policy and practice to raise awareness and enable sexuality and intimacy needs to be met.

We currently have two main aims, as below, but see also the specific pages for more detail:

Aim 1: the bigger picture

To start, facilitate and maintain a big society-wide conversation that helps dissolve prejudice against older people stereotyped as asexual.  Older people have a right to be recognised as valid sexual/intimate citizens.

Aim 2: a more specific initiative  

Related to the above and concerns about exclusion, wellbeing  and rights, we aim to create a model that will encourage the development of age-inclusive sexual health services whether in primary (GPs etc) and secondary (hospital/specialist) healthcare services.


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